Title: Achieving Software Product Quality, ESSI SCOPE
ISBN: 9072194527
Editors: Erik van Veenendaal/Julie McMullan
Number of pages: 208
Price: 24,90

UTN Publishers, Den Bosch, tel. (31) 73-6146400, fax (31) 73-6138535.

More and more organisations, in all sectors of the economy, are becoming increasingly dependent on software, either as an integral part of their "product" or to support their business process. The software industry is putting considerable effort in trying to improve the quality of their products. This book addresses a number of important topics in the area of software product quality, based on the results of European research and practical experiences.

"Achieving Software Product Quality" covers the latest developments in ISO product quality standards, the importance of measurement, usability design approaches, software evaluation and certification methods and techniques and a structured approach for software testing. In addition relatively new topics such as testing the year 2000 and Multimedia systems quality are presented. Together the papers, written by various experts in the field, present an overview on the state-of-the-art and state-of-the-practice in the area of software product quality.

The book has been produced in the context of the ESSI-SCOPE project. The European project ESSI-SCOPE aims at raising the awareness on quality issues in software products, with a special focus on software product evaluation. Both editors are members of the ESSI-SCOPE project team.

Erik van Veenendaal is working as a consultant carrying out assignments on quality management, project control, EDP-auditing and software testing. He is also as manager of R&D at KEMA Nederland BV involved and responsible for a number of European projects in the area of software product quality. At the Eindhoven University of Technology, Faculty of Technology Management, he is involved in lecturing and research activities.

Julie McMullan has worked in both software development and training. She is currently involved in the product evaluation services provided by the Centre of Software Engineering (Ireland) and in their product quality and metrics programmes. She actively contributes to international standards in these areas.

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